I’m Sam and I empower women to love and listen to themselves.

I work with women who have had enough of letting diets and food run their life!  Women who want to learn how to let go of counting calories, following food rules and living in the ‘when I lose half a stone i’ll be happy’ cycle. I totally believe that it’s about time you (yes you gorgeous lady!) saw how goddamn flawless you are and stopped being trapped in this constant cycle of diets, restriction, rules and body hatred.  

Here you’ll learn how to shift your mindset around food and exercise to create a healthy balance. Discover how to stop emotional eating, self sabotage and guilt around food, and learn how to shut out the negative voices in your head, love yourself and be free so you can live your best life full of happiness, health and chocolate cake if you damn well please!

How did I get here?

Just after my 30th birthday I found myself about to start a new diet and exercise programme (at this point I forget which one it actually was – trust me when I say I’ve tried them all!) This was it, this was going to be the one that did it for me, I was going to stick to this one and FINALLY get that dream body I had been after since the age of 15!

The thing was the more I tried to get myself pumped, prepared and ready to start the more I found I just didn’t want to. I was tired of following rules around food. I was frustrated with all the exercise programmes I had bought and couldn’t stick too. I was exhausted from looking in the mirror every morning and wanting to have a firmer tum, a peachier ass and thinner arms.

I just couldn’t do it anymore, I had had enough! So I decided, just for a few days (as I didn’t want to lose control!), I wouldn’t start a new diet, I’d just try and make some ‘good’ choices, exercise a bit and see what happened.

So what changed?

Over the next few days I tried my best to listen to what my body wanted and eat intuitively – at first this was pretty tough!

I’d followed food rules of some kind or another for over half my life and I felt pretty lost without them! Still I pushed on and I was surprised to find that sometimes I actually wanted to eat a salad, some fresh fruit or a bowl of porridge . I started to realise how good these foods made my body feel and how satisfied I was after eating them. As days turned into weeks I began to feel a complete sense of freedom. The all-consuming thoughts I had around food began to disappear and the desperate cravings for chocolate and cake became fewer and fewer. I found that when I did have chocolate or cake (or of course chocolate cake – drool) it was no biggie.

I owned the choice I had made, enjoyed my cake and moved on. I found that amazingly there was no guilt, I didn’t feel the need to ‘make up’ for what I had eaten because I was listening to my body and eating the foods I actually wanted! I stopped bingeing because I didn’t need to anymore. It felt amazing to just eat something when I was hungry or because I truly wanted it, and not have a half hour battle with myself about whether I should or shouldn’t, or whether I deserved it.

I realised that I was calmer, I didn’t freak out if someone invited me out for dinner or said they were going to cook for me. The same started to happen with exercise, I took the pressure off and actually began to look forward to working out– I was no longer doing it because I had to, it was in a programme or because I wanted to change the way I looked – I was doing it because it made me feel amazing, it gave me so much energy and made me feel alive! I stopped going to classes I hated or exercising when I didn’t feel up to it and I found that this lead to me loving it even more!

It was now a free choice with no ‘have to’s’ attached and no guilt if it didn’t happen. Fast forward 4 years and I’m living in total food freedom, no rules, no restrictions and best of all no guilt! I listen to my body and focus on how it feels rather than what it looks like. I want to look after my body and take care of it so I tune into what it’s asking for and give it that. Sometimes that’s a heap load of veg, fresh fish or juicy pineapple and then sometimes it’s pizza, a chocolate bar or a large vino. I trust that my body knows what it is doing and what it needs. I see what a waste it had been for me focusing on diets, meal plans and exercise programmes – letting go of all of that and creating a life of freedom has been truly incredible. I love my life and I love my body!

That’s where Break Free came from. I felt like I had discovered this secret that I just had to tell other women about. I wanted to, hell I needed to, tell other women about the magic of freedom, what happens when you quit food rules and start living! And so Break Free was born.

Want to know more about me?

I live in the south of England with my gorgeous husband, Chris and our pug Frank (who I’m totally obsessed with!). I actually have 3 jobs -I work with women teaching them to live health filled lives of abundance and happiness without food guilt or obsession through my Break Free programme (can I get a hell yeah!). I’m a personal trainer and I’m a primary school teacher.‍

I love my life and genuinely can’t sleep some nights because I’m so excited about the next day. I believe that mindset is everything and anyone can achieve anything with the right thinking and positive attitude.

I’m a massive believer in affirmations and manifesting your dreams-you got to put what you want out into the universe! And I also love exercise – it makes me feel like a rockstar!

Still want more Sam? Here are 7 random facts about me!

  • I’ve done Camp America 4 times and still rate it as one of my best life decisions I ever made.
  • I travelled around Thailand by myself and camped on the island they filmed The Beach at (so I basically slept in the same place as Leo Decaprio!)
  • I have two sisters and a brother and we all have a matching tattoo of a compass because it has 4 points to represent the 4 of us, and connects us wherever we are in the world. (I love my inner hippy!)
  • I love sparkly things and didn’t have a single flower at my wedding- just bling and white feathers!
  • I ran 10 miles and decided if I could do that I could run a marathon – and I did!
  • My favourite foods are butternut squash, roast dinners, brazil nuts and pizza!
  • I love car chase movies and have a slightly unhealthy obsession with The Rock!

Is breaking free for you?

Breaking free is learning to listen to your body and what it really needs. Letting go of rules and restriction around food and exercise and focusing on how your body feels rather than what it looks like. It’s loving and accepting the body you have and taking care of every part of it – mind, body and soul.
I’d love to share with you some of the amazing ways I was able to ditch dieting and live in freedom of food obsession, so I’ve included my guide 5 ways to end the diet cycle right now! to help get you started on the road to freedom. Just click the link below to download (it’s free!)