Hey gorgeous!

So I’m sure you know the story, you decide you’re going to eat something, whether it be chocolate, a takeout, or a portion of dessert and no sooner have you finished you get this wave of guilt that takes over and you start thinking ‘I shouldn’t have had that – I should have had more control!’

You feel so guilty that you spend the next few days trying to make up for it by restricting your food, not eating at all or punishing yourself at the gym – or you know, both – just to make sure!

So how do you eat chocolate, bread, pizza, or all the other foods we’ve been told are ‘bad’ without feeling guilty?

Let me tell you gorgeous, it all starts when you begin putting foods into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ categories. When you label a food ‘bad’ you are making it forbidden, something that’s not allowed and that is wrong. And we all know, when you do something bad you feel guilty for it.

Guilt is an emotion attached to doing something wrong, to breaking the rules, to hurting someone.

Guilt is a negative emotion that’s downright unhealthy.

  • It lowers your self-esteem and makes you think you’re “not enough.”
  • It is not empowering.
  • It is not motivating.
  • It doesn’t foster self-love.

And guilt is an emotion that needs to have absolutely nothing to do with food. 

Think about it for a moment, if breaking the rules = guilt, then the way to escape that is to not give yourself any rules to break! Don’t label foods as bad and allow them to be attached to doing something wrong.

Stop giving yourself rules, restrictions and labeling food and give yourself permission to eat what you want when you want it and you will walk away from guilt!

A great way of doing this is to change the way you look at food. Rather than thinking is this food good or bad ask yourself:

How is this food going to make me feel? How is this food going to nourish my body?

Make the choice that you want to eat it, own that choice and move on. Remember you are in charge, you are taking care of your body and doing the right thing by it – and only you know what that is so don’t let guilt play a part in it. Take back your power, drop the labels and own your choices and you’ll find that guilt doesn’t even enter into the picture.


Sam xx