Hey gorgeous and welcome to my brand new website


I thought as a little intro to me and what I do I’d give you an insight into what a typical day looks like for me. Not everyday is the same as I currently work part time as a primary school too. But on the days I’m working on my business this is what I’m normally up to.

I get up between 5:30 and 6:15 am. Call me crazy but I love waking up early and think there’s something totally magical about everyone else being asleep and me having this secret part of the day all to myself! I know, I’m nuts!
Some days I’ll head to the gym, others I have early morning clients or sometimes I just take it super easy, have a morning coffee, breakfast and get ready for the day.

Whatever happens I’m always fired up on my computer ready to begin work by 8:30 am. Ill then start by checking my emails, posting on social media and planning out my day. Every Monday morning I work in my fave coffee shop Southsea Coffee and have breakfast there. I just find it’s such a beautiful start to my week, the perfect bit of self-care, and means I can have a whole morning working distraction free (it’s pretty hard not to get distracted when you have a pug at home!). Plus, they do the most amazing breakfasts I’ve ever eaten there and breakfast is everything!

My mornings work includes writing blog posts, emailing clients, organising workshops, writing guides, worksheets and challenges, as well as writing workouts for my personal training sessions (I also train women who want to learn to love exercise, feel strong and empowered through group workouts too!).

I’ll normally head home from the coffee shop or take a break to walk Frank (my crazy, yet totally adorable pug) about lunchtime and then I’ll work on more website content, client queries or business ideas following lunch until about 5pm.
It’s normally about this time I’ll start preparing dinner for Chris and I. I LOVE to cook and make everything we eat from scratch so I normally blast the radio and spend a happy 45 minutes in my kitchen chopping, frying, mixing and singing away before Chris comes in and we eat around 6:30 pm.

The evenings are pretty chilled in our house. After dinner I tend to do another hours work before logging off around 8:30 pm. I’ll then either watch T.V. (I’m loving SAS –He Who Dares Wins at the moment), read my magazine or do some colouring before hitting the sack around 10 pm. Another one of my favourite things is sleep so I always make sure I get an early night, especially as I wake up so early in the mornings.

So that’s an insight into my day. I’d love to learn more about yours, what does everyone else’s day look like?


Sam xx