I’m so excited to actually be typing this- that’s right I’m pregnant!

Having kids was always something I knew I wanted but when it became a reality I’ll admit I was pretty dam scarred! The thought of my whole world changing and things being completely flipped on their head was terrifying! But I’m 16 weeks now and I’m feeling super excited for the rest of my pregnancy journey and the adventures to come after!

How it’s been going…

The first trimester was tough with unbelievable tiredness, constant nausea, not to mention crazy sore boobs! But I’ve been full of energy the last 2 weeks or so, so I’m hoping that continues. Apart from all the normal pregnancy advice (no wine or rare steak – sob!) I’ve been eating pretty much the same, so lots of veggies, fruit, eggs, chicken, seeds, oats, sweet potato and of course nuts! I haven’t had any weird cravings yet but I can’t go a day without my bowl of oats!

What about exercise?

I have had to change my exercise routine but it’s so fun trying new things like aqua aerobics and joining park run again! I’m starting pregnancy yoga this week which I’m really looking forward to and I’ve been doing lots of hill walks with some light weights at the gym.

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated with how it’s going but if anyone has any pregnancy or baby tips – nursery décor, maternity wear , general tips on raising a child then please comment below!

Have a great day beautiful,


Sam xx