I know what binge eating is like – regularly having episodes of being in your kitchen  and shovelling every food you can find into your face – cereal, bread, chocolate, biscuits – you name it, if it’s edible you’re having it.

You end up feeling totally sick, hugely disappointed and guilt ridden, and crying your eyes out with thoughts like why can’t I control myself? Why do I have to do that? Why don’t I just walk away?

Thankfully, this is something you can totally change gorgeous and I’m going to teach you how!

What makes you binge eat?

You need to start by understanding why you binge eat. It’s not because you don’t have enough control or willpower – it’s because you’re dieting. When you go on a diet or restrict your food you’re trying to control everything, your depriving your body and you’re putting it in a state of losing. A state of control – dieting, will eventually lead to a state of out of control – bingeing.

Diets = loss, restriction, empty     Bingeing = more, stuffing, filling

The scale is completely unbalanced, and so and if at one point it is tipped completely up then eventually it will most defiantly come all the way down!

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How can I change this?

In order to stop binging you need to stop dieting. You need to trust that your body knows what it wants, when it wants it. Trust your body to not over eat and remember your body is trying to do the best by you; your body actually wants to be healthy!

To help you with this there are some key mind-set shifts you need to master:

  • Replace lose, restriction and cutting out with crowding in! Develop an abundance mind-set – there will always be enough food to keep you satisfied and you can have it whenever you like!
  • Take back your power – know that you make the choices, you have the control to end binge eating by stepping out of diets and rules around food. Make the choice and own it! It’s always your choice when and what you eat.
  • Focus on what you are adding to your life, what you are gaining and all the positives, don’t focus on the losing – i.e. the weight!

When you create an intuitive, healthy relationship with food instead of dieting you will end the bingeing. Binge eating is a direct result of dieting and food restriction, remove one and you’ll stop the other.

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As always,

Hugs Sam xx