We all know the diet industry is a billion pound industry, and sure it’s helped thousands of people loose weight….maybe the same weight over and over again. I’ve had friends tell me they love slimming world or Weight Watchers or some other diet because it works for them every time. But hang on a minute, lets take that thought for a moment. If it did indeed work and it got you to the goal weight or dress size you have been working so hard to get to (because lets face it you work dam hard on a diet!) then why would you need to go back on it at a later stage? Surely if it really worked that would be it?

Now, I know what you’re thinking here, ‘it wasn’t the diet that failed it was me Sam’, or you think that somehow you lost all your will power, you weren’t committed enough, it wasn’t the right time for you (too many social events etc) or you just got lazy and didn’t try hard enough. But let me tell you a secret gorgeous lady – it isn’t you. It never is you. Diets do not work and they do not work because they are not sustainable.

The diet industry is an industry that has conditioned women into thinking that skinny=a better life.

In the same way that you can’t tell someone what kind of relationship they should be in, what kind of music to like or movies to watch you can’t tell someone what kind of food they should be eating. We are all far to different for that. diets lump us all into one pot. They give us a set of rules to follow and allow no place for the individual, and food, as much as anything else, should be about the individual not the theory or the set of rules.

So what is a girl to do if there are no rules to follow? No one to tell her what to eat or how much of it?

Remember when you were a kid and you just ate what you liked and didn’t eat what didn’t like? You knew what those foods were and you didn’t give it a second though. But somewhere along the way we have got lost and disconnected to our bodies. We’ve got so used to eating with rules that we don’t know how to be without them.  So gorgeous, you need to start getting curious and take the time to understand what works for you, determine for yourself what makes you feel good.

As women we pour way to much energy into looking a certain way, achieving a goal weight and losing body fat. Energy that the world needs, that could be used for creating so much more.

I know that when I was faced with the option of not dieting anymore it filled me with fear. I was terrified I’d lose control and just end up eating nothing but chocolate and pizza for the rest of my life if there were no rules to follow. Trust me, this isn’t going to happen. But if this is something you’d like some support with or you want to chat more about then I offer everyone on my email list a free 45 minute skype call (that’s right just 45 minute 1 on 1 time me and you). Changing the way you’ve eaten for your whole life is scary and daunting but I got your back gorgeous, so just hit reply to this email if you want to chat and we’ll get something set up.

In the mean time drop that diet gorgeous, it won’t ever make you happy. Use your money, time and energy to start chasing your dreams instead.

Have a beautiful day,


Sam xx