If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or following me on social media you’ll know that I shout from the roof tops about the importance of accepting your body before you can learn to love it.

What many women struggle with is the idea of accepting their body as not failing in some way or admitting defeat. They think that because they aren’t actively trying to change the way they look then they have ‘given up’ and are about to embark on the path of ‘letting themselves go’.

Hell no! This is totally not true!

Let’s start by looking at what body acceptance is.

Body acceptance is when you make peace with where your body is NOW, at this moment. It’s when you accept every part of it – all your lumps, bumps, scars, dimples and curves.  It’s when you stop actively trying to change it through dieting or excessive exercise. It’s when you let go of the idea that your body will be ‘better’ at some point in the future or that you will be happy when your body is a particular size or shape.

So why is this not failing?

Learning to accept your body (and it really is a journey of learning) means you are choosing to step into freedom and away from the media message that your body isn’t good enough.

How many diets have you been on in your life?


How many exercise programs have you started and never finished?


How likely do you think it is that your next diet or programme (number 36 and counting) will be ‘the one’ that fixes it all, that gets you to the holy grail of body happiness?


I’d say pretty unlikely!

When you spend your life working to change your body you are trapped in a constant cycle of trying and failing (that’s not your fault by the way, the diet industry design it that way!). You lock yourself into a state of ‘I’ll be happy when my body looks like xyz’ which essentially means you are putting your happiness and your life on hold until you reach the body ideal you have been told is worthy. You are putting conditions on your happiness, conditions that a life time of dieting, social media, film and T.V. have given you.


When you accept your body you let go of those conditions and rules.

You break free from what the world is telling you should be and you allow yourself to be happy NOW.  When you accept your body you allow compassion, kindness, and self-love in. You stop focusing on what your body is not and you start to recognize all that it is.


Body acceptance also allows new opportunities to start coming your way.

Think about it, hating your body and self-loathing hasn’t worked for you up to this point so what might happen if you try something new? You are opening the door for a new way of thinking and living to come into your life.


Einstein said that madness is continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So why not take yourself out of the madness and try something new? Embrace a new journey, one where you start to accept your body for what it is.


Remember that body acceptance takes time. Unlike diets there is no quick fix with body acceptance. You’ll have trips and falls like any journey but it’s worth it because the end result means no more hating, no more self-loathing and no more being stuck. It also means you allow yourself to live your life now without waiting. You buy the jeans, get the photos taken, start dating – whatever it is that you are putting on hold until you get to a certain size or shape, you can start doing those things now because life is already happening, and you don’t need a flat stomach to live it.

If you need help with any this, or aren’t sure where to start then make sure you download my free guide ‘The ultimate guide to loving your body’ because body love always, always starts with body acceptance.

Big hugs,

Sam xx