Hey gorgeous,

With the new baby coming and lots to buy and prepare for I’ve found myself having to reign back on my spending a little! I’ve had to think twice about things like meals out and coconut lattes from Starbucks (sob!). This also means that I’ve had to take into account my self care routine and start making some changes there too.

It’s made me realise that when it comes to self care you really can do it (and do it well!) for free. That’s why I’ve put together some FREE self care ideas to inspire you and help you out when money is tight.

If you’re not sure exactly what self care is then check out my post What is self care and how do I start?

Here are a few great free self care ideas.

Plan a home retreat day

Sometimes you just need some time to do nothing. If you’re anything like me you’ll fill every free hour you have with a productive task and very rarely allow yourself the free time to just do nothing! So give yourself a whole day to watch films, sit in the garden, paint your nails, sleep, chill and do nothing.


I LOVE de-cluttering cupboards and draws that have ended up full of ‘stuff’ and either getting rid of it or finding it a home. It can give you such a sense of pride and accomplishment and really help you feel on top of life.

Listen to a podcast

I know I’m slow to the partyhere but I’ve just started to get into podcasts and I must say I’m loving them. Find one that sparks your interest, gives you inspiration or just makes you feel upbeat and positive!

Use Pintrest to make a vision board

I love Pintrest and it is a great tool for getting inspired! I use to create my vision boards on my pin board using magazine cuttings, but doing it on Pintrest is not only completely free but means I can search for images of exactly what I want to create and manifest, and it helps the planet too – I’m all for that!

Borrow a friends dog

I’m lucky enough to have my own gorgeous pup (my crazy pug Frank!) and he forms a massive part of my self care routine. Dogs bring nothing but the feel good factor, they give you an excuse to get outside and they’ll give you as many cuddles as you can handle.

Make a playlist

Music is such an amazing mood booster and a great way to lift you up and bring back happy memories from good times in your life. I love making new playlists and playing them full blast whilst I de-clutter or walk the dog.

Find five new inspiring social media accounts to follow and un-follow five accounts that are no longer serving you

Whilst a part of my self care is unplugging and disconnecting I do spend a lot of time on my phone like most of us. We need to make sure we feel all the good feels when we are sat swiping and scrolling, so it’s important to follow the right people to ensure that happens.

Take a yoga class on you tube

I love yoga but the cost of classes can add up so I’ve started doing yoga from home. There are loads of online teachers but I really like Madeline Shaw and Mind Body Bowl.

For me self care is so much more holistic than just running a bubble bath and reading a book (although those things are great!). It really is about getting your needs met in every way so think about what it is you really need. Is it some time with your partner – just the 2 of you? Or perhaps you need some extra sleep? Whatever it is make sure it is for you and not something that you are doing just because it needs doing.

Self-care can be as simple as finding something better to do so that you don’t head to the cupboard and open a family size bag of crisps to cure your boredom. It really does come in handy when it comes to your food relationship and is something I often teach when coaching women in my Break Free programme.

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As always, hugs