Affirmations can be an amazing tool for helping you overcome negative and often self-sabotaging thoughts. They are positive statements that can have a big impact and create positive changes when repeated often and believed!

How to start using them

Sometimes it can be difficult to start getting on board with affirmations, for lots of us they seem far to ‘woo’ and uncomfortable. But look at it this way, many of us do repetitive exercises to improve our physical health, affirmations are just like that but they are exercises for our mind. When done repeatedly they can reprogram our thinking patterns and mind set, and support us in changing the way we think and act.

I’ve put together a list of 10 powerful self love affirmations to help you on your journey to a more loving and compassionate relationship with your body.

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Choose your favourite 2 or 3 and say them out loud to yourself everyday.

I accept myself unconditionally


I am worthy


I am strong and confident


I have so much to offer the world


I am enough right now


I am a powerful force for good in the world


I am capable of amazing things


I choose to be happy and completely love myself today


I am at peace with who I am


I choose to be positive, powerful and fierce today


What other self love affirmations do you use? I’d love for you to leave your favorites in the comments below!

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